Fits any Make and Model ATV
Do you make a carrier to fit my Make/Model/ATV/Side by Side/2UP?
We've built carriers to fit almost every make of ATV. Front carriers, rear carriers, 2ups, are no problem! You will be prompted for your ATV year, make and model when completing your order. If you have any additional after-market accessories that may affect the fit of the carrier on your ATV please be sure to add a note in the comments section when checking out.
How does the carrier mount to my rack?
Our carriers mount directly to your existing cargo rack. Mounting options vary depending on the make of your ATV as well as the construction of your existing cargo rack.

Metal Racks:Customers with metal racks will receive mounts that clamp around the existing metal crossbars.

Plastic Racks:Customers with plastic racks will receive a mounting plate that clamps under your existing rack to provide extra strength.

*Customers with 2005 or newer Polaris Sportsman ATVs can select the Polaris Lock and Ride, or our own Bolt and Ride for mounting.
Are any modifications necessary for my ATV to accommodate the carrier?
Some ATVs have a vertical bar that sticks up from the rear rack. The bar must either be removed or we can cut a slot in the bottom of the carrier to accommodate this bar.

Vertical Bar
Bar Removed

Most customers are cutting the bar off, grinding off the weld and touching up the paint. The benefits of removing the bar are that the bottom of the carrier is flat and more comfortable for a dog. It also allows the carrier to be adjusted forward or back for comfort.

If you choose not to cut off the bar, we can make a slot in the bottom of the carrier for the bar to stick through. If you select this option we will need two measurements:
1. The measurement from the middle of the bar to the back edge of the seat.
2. The width of the bar.
Is the upper padding included?
No, it is not included. It is pipe insulation and can be purchased at a local hardware store.
What is the construction time?
Each of our carriers is handmade, so construction time can vary based on current demand. If you have any questions, or are hoping to receive your carrier by a specific date, please send us an email with your request.
How is payment handled?
We process our payments through PayPal, giving you the ability to pay with an existing PayPal account, or any major credit or debit card. We will email you an invoice once construction of your carrier is complete.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, please send an email to and we can give you a shipping estimate.