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Dog Box Specifications

ATV Dog Carrier Specs

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Dog Box Specifications

Width 38”
Depth 24”
Height 14”, 16” and 18” available
Weight ≈ 44 lbs
Interior Width 36.5”
Interior Depth 24.5”
Tailgate Opening 21.5”
Front Opening 21.75”
Materials 3/4” tubing and steel mesh
Mounting System Mounting system differ by make and model. See FAQ for details.

Canine & Cargo Carrier

The Canine & Cargo Carrier is designed to mount as far forward as possible on the atv. This helps to keep the machine as stable as possible, minimizing the amount of carrier that extends over the back, and still allows plenty of storage area.

The Dusty Dawgs, Inc. Canine & Cargo Carrier features a tall front piece, which helps to keep your pet or cargo load from slipping forward, especially when traveling down hill or over rough terrain. It is also removable by simply taking out one pin, which allows you to access the area underneath the seat without removing the entire carrier. Hunters, farmers, ranchers, construction projects, and recreational users will appreciate the ample storage area with tall sides that prevent loads from shifting or falling out. The drop down tailgate allows for easy loading and unloading.

The Canine & Cargo Carrier is easy to assemble, and attaches to the atv rack in minutes.

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